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Lockdown does not need to be your Shutdown as a family.

We are living in extraordinary times where our tomorrows will not look like our yesterdays. As the new year turned over just a few months ago, who would have thought of THIS NEW YEAR?
The world seems to be shutting down as we know it with all its practices! What we took as normal everyday living has changed! Who would have thought even churches would be impacted in their attendances and restrictions.

All our daily habits have now being cancelled. What do we do?
For families, “home Schooling” for a season will be your new normal as school gatherings are shut down.

This is an amazing opportunity to change all the habits that made us family poor and time poor. How many times have we wished for just another hour where we could spend with those who really mean the world to us Yet could not due to schedules. This is a GREAT opportunity to hit the RESET BUTTON and begin by putting in place the things that are important. Life will be different after this virus SO WHY NOT make it the BETTER DIFFERENT for you and your family. CHOOSE today to RESET and REPLACE the BUILDING BLOCKS that will give your family HEALTHY FAITH. The wonderful thing about FAITH, it can grow in any environment. Difficult places and times do not limit our Faith in God. or God’s Ability to encounter you and your family.

Who is God... really?

We have heard things about God, but what is true? Can He really be a God of judgement? How can He be a God of love and still send people to hell?

Series Topics:

Class 1: God of Love and God of Judgment

  • How can God be a God of love, and yet judge the world? How can a God of love allow bad things to happen?

Class 2: Angry with SIN and all have Sinned

  • This class touches base on the How can He be a loving God and send people to hell. God is love and yet has shows wrath.  Check it out, study up and let’s get these kids excited about who God is together!!!

Class 3: God is all powerful & wants all to be saved

  • In this class, the kids learn how God is all-powerful, but has things He will do and things He won’t do. He also even has things He can’t do (by His own choice). It’s a thought-provoking week for kids and leaders.
  • This is also starts the one week timer to know their memory verse so make sure to encourage them to get God’s Word in their heart by memorizing it!!! They need to upload a video of them singing, saying, or rapping the verse (as long as they are not reading it) to earn a bunch of coins!

Class 4: One God and the Trinity

  • This last class of Who is God brings up the three parts of God or the Trinity. With a few fun object lessons on video and a funny skit (you can do or play the video), the kids walk away with a better understanding of the three parts of our awesome God!!! Plus they have fun doing it as you interact with them!!!

Should a kid read their Bible? How do we do it? Is there a trick to reading the Bible the right way? What should we do if we feel like we are not getting anything out of our Bible reading?

Want to learn more about salvation? Do you know if you are a Christian? Do you want to know how to help someone else become a Christian?

Then this is a great mini course for you!!!

It's time that each of us becomes confident in who God has made us to be. But who is that? This is the truth that could change the world. Are you ready?

What is prayer? How do we do it? Can we be confident that God hears our prayers? Learn this and more in these powerful Mini Courses!